Top 10 Best Credit Card for Business in Canada

When it comes to managing a business, having the right tools can make a world of difference. And one such tool that can significantly impact your business’s financial health is a credit card. Credit cards designed specifically for businesses offer a wide range of benefits, from helping you manage expenses to earning rewards on your business purchases. But with so many options available in the Canadian market, how do you choose the best credit card for your business? And perhaps one of the most pressing questions for entrepreneurs is, do business credit cards affect personal credit in Canada?

In this article, we will explore the top 10 best credit cards for business in Canada, considering various factors such as rewards programs, annual fees, interest rates, and more. We will also delve into the question of how these credit cards impact personal credit in Canada, allowing you to make an informed decision for your financial needs. So, whether you’re a small business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur, read on to discover the business credit card that best suits your needs, while understanding the implications it has on your personal credit.

Top 10 Best Credit Card for Business in Canada

1. American Express® Aeroplan® Business Reserve Card

For business owners seeking the best rewards credit card for business, the American Express Aeroplan Business Reserve Card stands out in the marketplace as a top-tier choice within top Canadian business credit cards. With a significant annual fee of $599, this card caters specifically to those who travel frequently, providing a substantial return on investment through a range of travel and business-oriented benefits.

American Express Aeroplan Business Reserve Card

This card offers an accelerated earn rate of 1.25x to 3x points on purchases. One of the most appealing business credit card promotions is its introductory offer, which allows new cardholders to gather up to 90,000 bonus points under certain conditions. These points can be extremely beneficial for reducing travel costs and enhancing overall business efficiency.

  • Generous bonus points and travel perks like lounge access and priority upgrades
  • Comprehensive suite of business management tools to monitor and control expenses
  • High threshold for the Annual Worldwide Companion Pass, adding exclusivity to its benefits
  • Post-missed payment interest rate may rise to 24.99%, necessitating diligent payment habits

Business credit card eligibility requirements for this card include a good to excellent credit score and proof of business establishment. The perks of the card make it a compelling option for business owners who meet these criteria and are eager to optimize their travel and business spending.

2. CIBC bizline® Visa* Card for Business

When considering business credit card options in Canada, the CIBC bizline® Visa* Card for Business is particularly noteworthy due to its typical credit card limit for business, which stands significantly higher than many competitors. This feature is especially advantageous for businesses that handle large expenses on a regular basis.

business credit card options

It is crucial for business owners to understand how do business credit cards affect personal credit in Canada? This aspect is particularly pertinent for sole proprietors and small business owners whose personal and business credit histories might be closely intertwined. Evaluating how a business credit card impacts one’s personal credit score is necessary before making a decision.

Feature Details
Credit Limit High
Impact on Personal Credit Dependent on the individual’s credit management
Annual Fee None
Suitable for Businesses with large monthly spending

In conclusion, the CIBC bizline® Visa* Card offers valuable business credit card options for Canadian businesses, aiding significantly in managing larger financial transactions while also potentially influencing the owner’s personal credit score. As with any financial product, careful consideration of terms and impact on both business and personal finances is advised.

3. Marriott Bonvoy® Business American Express®* Card

For business owners who frequently visit Marriott Bonvoy properties, the Marriott Bonvoy® Business American Express®* Card offers distinctive small business credit card benefits tailored to their hospitality needs. This card not only facilitates the conversion of business spending into rewarding hotel stays but also emphasizes cost-efficiency in accommodation expenses — a critical factor given what percent of sales do most Canadian credit cards cost a business?.

To thoroughly compare business credit cards, it’s essential to understand how specific features align with your business’s spending and travel patterns. Below is a detailed comparison highlighting how the Marriott Bonvoy® Business American Express®* Card stacks up against other leading business credit cards in terms of rewards, fees, and specific benefits for accommodation-related expenditures.

Credit Card Rewards for Hospitality Spending Annual Fee Additional Benefits
Marriott Bonvoy® Business American Express®* 6x points at Marriott Bonvoy properties $150 Free night award each year, complimentary Marriott Bonvoy Silver Elite status
Generic Business Card A 3x points at partner hotels $99 Automatic upgrade to Gold status on spending $30,000 annually
Generic Business Card B 5% cash back on all hospitality purchases $120 Premium internet access in rooms, travel insurance

In conclusion, selecting the right card involves a detailed analysis of how it can reduce costs and enhance your travel experience, notably through specialized rewards such as those provided by the Marriott Bonvoy® Business American Express®* Card.

compare business credit cards

4. BMO® AIR MILES®† No-Fee Business® Mastercard®*

For businesses vigilant about expenditure, understanding what is the average credit card fee for a business? is paramount. The BMO AIR MILES No-Fee Business Mastercard®* steps in as a lucrative option by eliminating annual fees and providing a rewarding points system for the cost-conscious business owner. This differentiation is particularly significant when businesses compare business credit cards with a focus on reducing overheads.

BMO AIR MILES No-Fee Business Mastercard

Exploring business credit card options reveals that not all cards are created equal, especially when it comes to associated costs. The unique selling proposition of the BMO AIR MILES No-Fee Business Mastercard®* arises from its merging of fee-free accessibility with the AIR MILES reward program—allowing businesses to accrue travel benefits without the common expenses tied to many other cards.

  • Frequent flyer benefits without annual fees
  • Value added with every transaction through AIR MILES
  • Optimized for business owners keen to cut costs

Next time you compare business credit cards, consider the impact of usual fees against your business’s financial strategy. A card like the BMO AIR MILES No-Fee Business Mastercard®* could provide considerable savings and a substantial return on business spending, aligning expenditure with rewards efficiently.

5. BMO CashBack® Business Mastercard®*

The BMO CashBack Business Mastercard is frequently recognized as the best credit card for business in Canada due to its straightforward cashback rewards that directly enhance a business’s bottom line. This card is notably effective for businesses looking to optimize everyday expenditures while ensuring any fees are justified by the rewards earned.

BMO CashBack Business Mastercard

One of the primary considerations for business owners is understanding what is the average credit card fee for a business? Comparatively, the BMO CashBack Business Mastercard maintains competitive fees that can be easily offset by the cashback earned from regular business purchases. This aspect makes it an attractive option for cost-conscious businesses looking to maximize financial efficiencies.

Further solidifying its place, the card offers additional small business credit card benefits including enhanced reporting tools that help track and categorize expenditures, an essential feature for budgeting and financial management within any business. These tools are especially beneficial for small businesses keen on maintaining tight control over their finances.

  • Direct cashback on purchases enhances available operating capital.
  • Competitive fee structure reduces business overheads.
  • Financial management tools support better budgeting and expense tracking.

The combined features of the BMO CashBack Business Mastercard underscore its value amongst the myriad of options available, making it a standout card for businesses across Canada. Its favorable fee structure coupled with tangible benefits makes it particularly appealing for small to medium-sized enterprises aiming to maximize their financial strategies.

6. TD® Aeroplan® Visa* Business Card

For businesses aiming to optimize their travel expenses while accumulating valuable rewards, the TD Aeroplan Visa Business Card emerges as a compelling choice. Designed specifically for small business owners, this card effectively leverages purchases into Aeroplan points, particularly when used directly with Air Canada. To smartly address the question of what credit card should I use for my business?, entrepreneurs should consider how the benefits of this card align with their company’s spending habits and travel needs.

TD Aeroplan Visa Business Card

An important aspect to scrutinize when selecting a business credit card is understanding what percent of sales do most Canadian credit cards cost a business? This examination helps in appreciating how much value the TD Aeroplan Visa can add. With an annual fee of $149, the cost must be weighed against the accelerated accumulation of Aeroplan points and other travel benefits.

  • Reward Points on Air Canada Purchases
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • Annual Fee Consideration

Choosing the right card involves a comparison against other market offerings. When you compare business credit cards, look beyond just the rewards; consider factors like acceptance rates, additional benefits, and how well the card complements your business operations and cash flow management.

Ultimately, the TD Aeroplan Visa Business Card stands as a prime example of how a finely tailored business credit card can enhance travel experiences while managing business expenses efficiently.

7. American Express Business Edge™ Card

Examining the business credit card eligibility requirements, the American Express Business Edge Card presents an attractive proposition for Canadian enterprises. With a moderate annual fee, this card is structured to reward frequent everyday business purchases, adding considerable value for active businesses.

For businesses wondering is it easy to get a business credit card in Canada, this particular card offers a straightforward application process, aimed at small to medium-sized businesses with clear financial records. The welcome bonus alone—67,000 points—acts as a significant incentive for businesses looking to leverage credit card points for expenditures.

  • Welcoming bonus points which can be redeemed for a variety of business expenses.
  • Expense management tools to aid financial tracking and budgeting.
  • Payment flexibility that suits the varying cash flow needs of businesses.

However, potential cardholders should be aware of the limitations in terms of acceptance, as some retailers in Canada may not accept American Express due to higher merchant fees.

Feature Details
Annual Fee $99
Welcome Bonus 67,000 points
Benefits Expense management tools, Payment flexibility
Retailer Acceptance Limited at some retailers

American Express Business Edge Card Benefits

8. BMO World Elite®* Business Mastercard®*

For business travelers seeking exceptional rewards and convenience, the BMO World Elite Business Mastercard stands out as an exemplary choice. This card not only offers luxury travel benefits but also stands as the best rewards credit card for business due to its comprehensive rewards program which is perfectly suited to frequent business travel and substantial expenditures.

BMO World Elite Business Mastercard

One common inquiry from potential cardholders is, is it easy to get a business credit card in Canada? The application process for the BMO World Elite Business Mastercard is streamlined for efficiency, and while it does necessitate a good credit rating, it remains accessible for most Canadian business owners looking to leverage their business spending into reward opportunities.

Another key consideration for applicants is how a business credit card might affect their personal credit. For those curious about do business credit cards affect personal credit in Canada, it’s important to note that responsible use of this card can indeed influence your credit score positively. However, misuse or excessive utilization can impact it negatively, much like a personal credit card.

The ability to accumulate valuable rewards tailored to business travel needs, without compromising an individual’s personal credit health when managed wisely, makes the BMO World Elite Business Mastercard a top contender for Canadian enterprises looking to enhance their travel experiences while keeping their finances secure.

9. The Business Platinum Card from American Express®

For discerning business owners eyeing top Canadian business credit cards, the Business Platinum Card from American Express encapsulates a premier choice, especially for those who traverse frequently for business. With its hefty annual fee of $799, it’s pitched at professionals and executives who are likely to leverage the full suite of luxury conveniences and elevated service offerings.

Business Platinum Card from American Express

This card not only ranks high amongst the best credit card for business Canada but is also renowned for its exclusive business credit card promotions. Subscribers gain entry to an expansive range of premium services, from comprehensive travel insurance to extensive assistance services, ensuring every business trip is as productive as it is seamless.

Benefits Details
Premium Travel Insurance Covers travel accidents, luggage mishandling, and trip delays.
Concierge Service 24/7 access to personalized assistance for travel planning and business reservations.
Rewards Points Earn points on every dollar spent, with the ability to redeem for travel, gifts, or business services.
Global Lounge Collection Complimentary access to over 1,200 airport lounges worldwide.
Wi-Fi Access Complimentary unlimited Wi-Fi at Boingo hotspots globally.

The investment in the Business Platinum Card is easily justified for those who expect nothing less than unparalleled service and thorough coverage on their travels. It’s specifically structured for high-level executives who need a reliable financial tool that aligns with their dynamic business lifestyles and provides tangible perks that underscore its value among the best credit card options in Canada.

10. RBC® Business Cash Back Mastercard

For small businesses intent on improving their financial health, it is crucial to find the right business credit card that not only fits their fiscal behavior but also enhances their saving strategies. The RBC Business Cash Back Mastercard is particularly designed for those who favor straightforward incentives and benefits. It provides a competitive advantage by offering a significant cashback rate, which is essential when considering what is the average credit card fee for a business?.

RBC Business Cash Back Mastercard Benefits

When evaluating business credit cards, one of the primary factors to consider is the cost versus the benefits received. The average credit card fee can vary significantly, influencing the choice of card for cost management and benefit maximization. Here is a breakdown of how the RBC Business Cash Back Mastercard stands against these considerations:

  • Low annual fee, ensuring that businesses can maintain more of their earnings.
  • Competitive cashback rates on everyday business expenses.
  • Additional card benefits specifically catered to aid small to medium-sized businesses.

These features make the RBC Business Cash Back Mastercard a viable option for businesses seeking small business credit card benefits. Utilizing such a credit card can significantly alleviate the financial burden through effective cashback systems and reduced fees, contributing positively towards the business’s overall financial strategy.

In the process of helping businesses find the right business credit card, it is vital to balance the immediate financial incentives such as cash back against longer-term benefits like credit building and expenditure management. The RBC Business Cash Back Mastercard offers this balance, making it an attractive option for savvy business owners looking to enhance their financial operations efficiently.


As business owners in Canada weigh their options, discerning what is typical credit card limit for business? becomes a central question in the context of financial planning. A card’s limit can be a pivot upon which the fluidity of a company’s operational expenses balance. Therefore, it is crucial that the credit limit aligns with both the scale of the business and the nature of its spending, as underestimating could result in unnecessary cash flow bottlenecks, while overestimating might encourage imprudent spending.

The task of choosing among the top Canadian business credit cards involves thorough comparison, and the stakes can be significant. Different cards flaunt unique structures of rewards and incentives; some offer cashback on purchases, others provide travel points or prioritize low fees, which can sway the cost-benefit analysis in their favor. Comparing business credit cards demands attention to nuances—the minutiae of annual fees, interest rates, eligibility requirements, and the subtleties of cardholder perks can materially impact the financial wellbeing of a business.

In conclusion, to traverse the realm of business credit cards knowingly is to embrace due diligence—scrutinizing each card’s offerings against the tapestry of a company’s financial tableau. The objective is to select a card that not only eases the management of expenses but also contributes positively to the business’s financial trajectory. For Canadian entrepreneurs, the judicious selection of a business credit card can pave the path towards a future marked by economic success and growth.


1. What credit card should I use for my business?

Choosing the right credit card for your business depends on your business needs, spending habits, and financial goals. Compare business credit cards, look into small business credit card benefits, and consider the various business credit card options available. Ultimately, find the right business credit card that aligns with your company’s expenditure and offers the most value in terms of rewards, expense management, and other perks.

2. Is it easy to get a business credit card in Canada?

Obtaining a business credit card in Canada typically involves meeting the issuer’s business credit card eligibility requirements, which can vary between providers. The process can be straightforward if you have the necessary documentation and meet the credit criteria set by the card issuer. Review the application process for the card you’re interested in to ensure you meet the qualifications.

3. Do business credit cards affect personal credit in Canada?

Yes, business credit cards can affect your personal credit in Canada, especially if you personally guarantee the credit card. Missed payments or high utilization can be reported to personal credit bureaus and negatively impact your credit score. Therefore, it’s important to manage business credit card payments responsibly.

4. What percent of sales do most Canadian credit cards cost a business?

The percentage of sales that Canadian credit cards cost a business, commonly known as the merchant fee or interchange fee, typically ranges from 1% to 3%, depending on the card provider and the type of transaction. It’s important to compare business credit cards and consider this cost when choosing a card for your business.

5. What is the typical credit card limit for a business?

The typical credit card limit for a business can vary greatly depending on the creditworthiness of the business, its annual revenue, and its relationship with the financial institution. Credit limits can range from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars. Some cards aimed at larger businesses may offer even higher limits based on the financial profile of the business.


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