Calgary Parking Ticket: What You Need to Know!

Calgary is a bustling city with a vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and a thriving economy. But like any major city, parking can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you’re a long-time resident or just visiting for a day, you’ve likely encountered the dreaded parking ticket at some point. It’s never a pleasant experience, but understanding the ins and outs of Calgary’s parking regulations can help you navigate this potential headache.

In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about Calgary parking fines, Calgary bylaw parking rules, and the process of appealing a Calgary parking ticket. So, buckle up, and let’s explore the world of Calgary parking!

Understanding Calgary’s Parking Regulations

As a bustling metropolitan city, Calgary has established a comprehensive set of parking regulations to ensure the efficient flow of traffic and address the needs of both residents and visitors. From distinct parking zones to residential permits, understanding these regulations is crucial to avoid parking violations and penalties.

Parking Zones and Time Limits

Calgary has implemented various parking zones throughout the city, each with its own set of time limits and restrictions. These include ParkPlus zones, where drivers must pay for parking using the ParkPlus system, and “No Stopping” zones, which are the most restrictive and prohibit any vehicle from stopping. The city also has designated loading zones and accessible parking spaces for specific purposes.

To ensure compliance, the City of Calgary enforces these parking regulations through dedicated parking enforcement officers. The most common violations include expired meters, parking in restricted areas, and failure to pay for parking in ParkPlus zones.

Residential Parking Permits

Calgary has established 71 residential parking permit zones to address neighbourhood concerns about parking pressures. Residents in these areas may be eligible to obtain residential parking permits, which allow them to park in designated areas without being subject to the standard time limits. The process for obtaining these permits can vary, so residents are encouraged to check the City of Calgary’s website or contact the Parking Authority for more information.

Understanding the calgary parking regulations, calgary parking enforcement, calgary parking zones, and calgary residential parking permits is crucial for all drivers in the city. By following the rules and regulations, motorists can avoid costly parking tickets and ensure a smooth and hassle-free parking experience in Calgary.

calgary parking zones

Common Parking Violations in Calgary

Calgary’s parking regulations are in place to ensure efficient traffic flow and fair access to limited parking spaces. However, some drivers may inadvertently or deliberately violate these rules, leading to parking tickets and fines. Two of the most common parking violations in Calgary are expired meters and parking in restricted areas.

1. Expired Meter

Staying in a paid parking space without payment for the full duration or exceeding the paid time is a common violation in Calgary. This is known as an “expired meter” violation, and it falls under Section 9(14) of the city’s parking bylaws. The fines for this violation range from $40 if paid within 10 days, $50 within 30 days, and $75 after 30 days.

2. Parking in a Restricted Area

Another frequent calgary parking violation is parking in a restricted area, such as being parked not within designated stalls, as per Section 9(17)(b). This can also include parking within 1.5 meters of an alley entrance (Section 27(1)) or unauthorized parking on private property (Section 28(1)). The fine structure for these violations is the same as for the expired meter offense.

It’s important to note that certain parking violations, such as parking in a handicapped spot without a valid placard or license plate (Section 32(3)), carry higher fines of $200 within 10 days, $250 within 30 days, and $300 after 30 days. Additionally, parking within 5 meters of a stop or yield sign (Section 3(1)(e)) results in fines ranging from $40 to $68.

While calgary expired meter and calgary parking in restricted area violations are common, it’s crucial for drivers to familiarize themselves with Calgary’s parking regulations to avoid these penalties. By understanding the rules and paying close attention to parking signage, drivers can ensure they stay compliant and avoid the hassle and expense of parking tickets.

Calgary parking violation

Approximately 10% of parking tickets issued in Calgary are appealed to the Calgary Parking Authority. It’s important to note that these violations do not result in demerit points against the driver’s license, but the fines can still add up quickly if not paid on time.

Violation Fine (within 10 days) Fine (within 30 days) Fine (after 30 days)
Expired Meter (Section 9(14)) $40 $50 $75
Parking in Restricted Area (Section 9(17)(b)) $40 $50 $75
Parking within 1.5m of Alley Entrance (Section 27(1)) $40 $50 $75
Unauthorized Parking on Private Property (Section 28(1)) $40 $50 $75
Parking in Handicapped Spot without Placard (Section 32(3)) $200 $250 $300
Parking within 5m of Stop/Yield Sign (Section 3(1)(e)) $40 $50 $68

Calgary Parking Ticket: Fines and Penalties

Receiving a calgary parking ticket in Calgary can come with significant financial consequences. The fines and penalties associated with parking violations can vary depending on the type of infraction and the location where it occurred. Understanding these costs is crucial for drivers to avoid unexpected expenses and plan accordingly.

According to the Traffic Bylaw 26M96, fines for parking offenses in Calgary can range from $40 to $300. These penalties apply to violations such as parking in a hazardous manner, blocking emergency exits, or causing continued objectionable noise. The Parking Bylaw 41M2002 also imposes fines ranging from $40 to $270 for offenses like parking on a boulevard or obstructing access to private property.

Certain zones and restrictions carry even harsher penalties. For instance, parking in a designated handicap space can result in a fine of $200 to $300, while abandoning a vehicle on the highway can lead to a $160 to $270 penalty. During snow events, calgary parking penalty for violating snow route parking restrictions can range from $80 to $160.

Specific commercial and residential areas in Calgary also have their own set of fines, typically ranging from $80 to $215 depending on the violation. Blocking emergency exits, for example, can incur a fine of $120 to $150 under the Traffic Bylaw 26M96.

It’s important to note that the calgary parking ticket cost and penalties are reviewed and approved annually by the Board of Governors at Mount Royal University before July 1st. These fines may be in the form of a non-monetary notice of infraction, a monetary fine, or an impoundment notice, depending on the severity of the violation.

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Drivers should familiarize themselves with the various parking regulations and restrictions in Calgary to avoid the financial burden of a calgary parking ticket. By understanding the potential fines and penalties, they can make more informed decisions and ensure their parking practices comply with local bylaws.

Paying Your Calgary Parking Ticket

If you’ve received a Calgary parking ticket, it’s important to pay the fine within the specified timeframe. Fortunately, the city offers several convenient payment options to make the process straightforward.

1. Payment Options

You can pay your Calgary parking ticket through the following methods:

  • Online: Visit the Calgary Parking Authority’s website and use their secure online payment system to pay your ticket with a credit card.
  • By Phone: Call the Calgary Parking Authority’s customer service number and pay your ticket over the phone using a credit card.
  • In Person: Visit the Calgary Parking Authority’s office and pay your ticket with cash, credit card, or debit card.

2. Late Payment Consequences

It’s crucial to pay your Calgary parking ticket within the prescribed timeframe, which is typically 21 days from the issue date. If you fail to pay the ticket on time, you may face additional penalties and consequences, such as:

  1. Late Payment Fees: The Calgary Parking Authority may impose a late payment fee, which can significantly increase the total amount you owe.
  2. Increased Fines: The original fine amount may be increased if the ticket remains unpaid for an extended period.
  3. Vehicle Immobilization: The Calgary Parking Authority has the authority to immobilize your vehicle (also known as “booting”) if you have multiple unpaid parking tickets.
  4. Collections Process: Unpaid parking tickets may be sent to a collections agency, which can negatively impact your credit score and lead to further legal action.

To avoid these penalties and ensure a smooth resolution, it’s recommended to pay your calgary parking ticket as soon as possible, either calgary parking ticket pay online or through one of the other available calgary parking ticket payment options.

Calgary Parking Ticket Payment

Disputing a Calgary Parking Ticket

If you believe you’ve received a calgary parking ticket in error, you have the option to dispute it. The process for calgary parking ticket dispute is straightforward, and Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) provides clear guidelines to guide you through the necessary steps.

To initiate a calgary parking ticket appeal, you’ll need to submit a request for an administrative review within 10 days of receiving the ticket. This can be done either online or by completing a ticket appeal form at a designated location in Calgary. It’s important to note that the fine payment schedule is paused while your ticket is under review.

  1. Review the grounds for appeal: The CPA accepts appeals on specific grounds, such as a factual error in the ticket, mechanical failure of a parking device, or genuine extenuating circumstances.
  2. Gather supporting evidence: Collect any documentation or photos that can help substantiate your case, such as receipts, proof of payment, or evidence of a malfunctioning parking meter.
  3. Submit your appeal: Complete the online form or fill out the ticket appeal form and submit it, along with any supporting evidence, to the CPA.
  4. Wait for the decision: The CPA will review your appeal and provide a decision. If your appeal is successful, the ticket will be withdrawn, and you won’t be required to pay the fine.

It’s important to note that the CPA does not withdraw calgary parking tickets based on compassionate or mitigating circumstances. Additionally, if a court conviction has already taken place, the CPA cannot accept a review.

To check the status of your calgary parking ticket appeal, you can contact the Parking Patrol & Investigation Division at 403-537-7000, option 1, and press 1. Remember, the registered vehicle owner is responsible for complying with any court instructions, regardless of the status of the administrative review process.

While the calgary parking ticket dispute process may seem straightforward, it’s essential to understand the specific guidelines and requirements set by the CPA. By following the proper procedures and providing compelling evidence, you can increase your chances of having your ticket successfully withdrawn.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored the essential details surrounding Calgary parking tickets. From understanding the city’s parking regulations and common violations to navigating the payment process and disputing tickets, this article has provided valuable insights to help drivers better navigate the Calgary parking authority system.

By familiarizing themselves with the information presented, Calgary drivers can minimize the risk of receiving costly parking tickets and ensure compliance with the city’s parking information requirements. Whether it’s being aware of restricted zones, paying close attention to time limits, or understanding the consequences of late payments, this guide has equipped readers with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions when it comes to parking in Calgary.

Remember, staying informed and proactive about Calgary parking regulations can go a long way in avoiding unnecessary fines and penalties. With the right approach, drivers can navigate the city’s parking landscape with confidence and ease, ultimately leading to a more seamless and stress-free driving experience.


What is the Calgary Parking Authority?

The Calgary Parking Authority is the municipal agency responsible for managing parking in the city of Calgary.

What are the most common parking violations in Calgary?

The most common parking violations in Calgary include expired meters and parking in restricted areas.

What are the fines and penalties for parking violations in Calgary?

Parking violations in Calgary can result in significant fines and penalties, depending on the type of violation.

How can I pay a Calgary parking ticket?

You can pay a Calgary parking ticket online, by phone, or in person, but late payment may result in additional fees or penalties.

How do I dispute a Calgary parking ticket?

If you believe a Calgary parking ticket was issued in error, you can dispute it by following the necessary steps and timeline.

What are the different parking zones and time limits in Calgary?

Calgary has various parking zones with different time limits that drivers must adhere to, and residential areas may require specific parking permits.

How do I obtain a residential parking permit in Calgary?

Residents in certain areas of Calgary may need to obtain a parking permit, which can be obtained through the Calgary Parking Authority.

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