How Much is an Eye Exam in Ontario? – Prices Explained!

Are you due for an eye exam in Ontario but wondering about the cost? Whether it’s for a routine examination or for specific visual needs, understanding how much an eye exam in Ontario can cost is essential. With various factors influencing the price, it’s important to know the parameters and make an informed decision. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of eye exam fees in Ontario, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the costs involved. So, if you’re curious about how much is an eye exam in Ontario and what factors contribute to the pricing, keep reading to find out more!

Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Vision loss affects many Canadians, with 4 out of 10 seeing eye doctors yearly. This issue has the highest medical cost in the country, set to go up to over $30 billion by 2023. Children, not just adults, need their eyes checked regularly. Approximately, 1 in 4 kids at school age have eye problems that go unnoticed. Parents often miss these issues.

Early Detection of Vision Problems

Getting your eyes checked often is key to good eye health. It lets the experts spot any vision issues early. This early detection keeps your eyes in top shape, which is crucial for your health.

Maintaining Optimal Eye Health

Regular check-ups are vital, whether it’s a standard eye exam in Ontario, a basic eye test, or an eye exam at Costco Canada without insurance. They find and treat issues before they get worse. This is true for free eye exams in Ontario or affordable ones without insurance.

How Much is an Eye Exam in Ontario? – Prices Explained!

In Ontario, an eye exam usually costs between $50 and $250. The exact price varies. It depends on where you go, such as a clinic or an eye care professional. But remember, it’s important not to skimp on quality. Look for a clinic that is well-known. They should have the latest tools to check for eye diseases. Also, the optometrists should care about each patient’s needs.

Factors Affecting the Cost

Several things can change the price of an eye exam. This includes where you are, if you’re a new patient or you’ve been there before. It also looks at how often you need an exam, your insurance, and how serious any eye problems are.

Eye exams in big cities could be pricier than in rural areas. Your first visit may be more expensive, but returning visitors could pay less. If you get checked once or twice a year, it’s usually cheaper than if you need more care.


Where the eye care is matters. In big cities like Toronto or Ottawa, prices may be higher. This is because the cost of living and running a business there is more. In smaller towns, prices might be lower.

New or Established Patient

If you’re new, your first exam might cost more. But if you keep going back to the same place, you could pay less. This is because some clinics, as a thank you, offer savings to returning customers.

Frequency of Exams

Getting your eyes checked once or twice a year is usually cheaper. But if you need more visits because of health issues, it can cost more.

Insurance Coverage

Your insurance can make a big difference. If you have good coverage, you might not have to pay for regular eye exams. This could be through a government plan (like OHIP) or a private insurance company.

Severity of Eye Condition

If you have more serious eye problems, you might need extra tests. This can make the cost of your exam go up. People with simple vision needs usually pay less.

Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) Coverage

OHIP helps pay for many important medical services, including eye care in Ontario. Kids and seniors in Ontario get free eye exams which are key to keeping their eyes healthy. If you’re not within these age groups, you might still get a free eye exam. This is if certain medical issues are affecting your eyes.

Children and Seniors

Eye exams are covered for kids and seniors in Ontario. This service is essential for keeping their eyes in good shape. It also helps find any eye problems early.

Eligible Medical Conditions

You might get an eye exam covered by OHIP even if you’re not of a certain age. This is if you have specific health issues like diabetes or glaucoma. Your eye doctor can tell you what’s covered based on your health needs.

But, OHIP won’t pay for every part of your eye care. Things like retinal imaging and certain tests may not be covered. Your eye doctor will tell you which tests are not included in your plan.

Eye Exam Prices in Other Canadian Provinces

Eye exam costs in Ontario can differ, and it’s neat to see the prices in other provinces too. We’ll look at how much eye exams can cost in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

British Columbia

In British Columbia, the price of an eye exam ranges from $75 to more than $300. The MSP healthcare plan helps out. It covers eye check-ups for those aged 65 and older, plus kids 19 and under.


In Alberta, a check-up in Calgary can be as low as $60 but go up to over $160. The AHCIP insurance comes through. It covers eye tests for kids, seniors, and anyone who has an urgent eye problem.


Saskatchewan prices for a check-up are between $70 and $250. Thankfully, the Saskatchewan Health program lends a hand. It pays for yearly eye checks for kids under 18 and for emergencies.

Province Eye Exam Price Range Provincial Coverage
British Columbia $75 – $300+ MSP covers routine exams for those 65+ and 19 and under
Alberta $60 – $160+ AHCIP covers exams for minors, 65+, and urgent/medically-necessary care
Saskatchewan $70 – $250 Saskatchewan Health covers annual exams for under 18 and ocular emergencies

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Cost of Contact Lens Exams

A contact lens eye exam is more detailed than a standard check. The eye doctor looks closely at your eye health and vision. They do this to fit you with the right lenses. The exam might cost up to $185 if you don’t have insurance. If you have health insurance, the costs could be mostly covered.

In Ontario, the price for a contact lens exam can change. It depends on the optometrist’s knowledge, the lens type, and how complex your vision needs are. Some clinics have special deals. These deals include both the exam and the lenses, which can make it cheaper for you.

Remember, a contact lens exam is usually pricier than a regular eye check. It includes more tests and measurements. These are needed to ensure your lenses fit correctly and have the right prescription. People with special vision problems might pay more for their exam.

When planning for an exam, look into different clinics to compare prices. Also, check if the optometrist has payment plans or financing. This can help you manage the cost better.

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Private Health Insurance and Vision Care

In Canada, most private health insurance includes ontario eye care plans. This coverage is for eye exams and some procedures. Yet, public programs usually do not pay for glasses. But, private health insurance might. This helps pay for the cost of eye exams in ontario and eye exam price ontario for those needing glasses.

Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses Coverage

Optometrist exam fees ontario and eye doctor visit cost ontario are often covered by private plans. They pay for prescription glasses and contacts. This is great for people needing these to keep their eyes in good shape.

Cataract Surgery Coverage

Cataract surgery is covered by every province and territory in Canada. It is seen as a necessary medical treatment. Yet, the wait for surgery can change by area. British Columbia’s waits are usually short. Prince Edward Island, however, can have longer waits.

How much is an eye exam at costco canada without insurance? or how much does an eye exam cost without insurance near me? are common questions. Private insurance can speed up getting cataract surgery. It makes sure people can have the surgery they need when they need it.

Eye Exam Providers and Options

In Ontario, you have many places to get an eye exam. Options include optometry clinics, retail stores, and university clinics. There are also non-profits. Each type offers something different. Optometry clinics have eye specialists. They offer detailed exams, glasses or contacts prescriptions, and eye health checks. An exam here costs $160 to $210. This includes detailed tests like retinal imaging.

Retail Stores

Stores like Costco, Walmart, and LensCrafters also have eye exams. They are usually more affordable, costing $50 to $100. These exams may not be as detailed. But they can help with most vision problems.

University or Teaching Clinics

Many Ontario universities have optometry programs. They have teaching clinics. Here, students do exams with supervision. These clinics offer good care for less, costing $50 to $100.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits in some areas give cheap or free eye exams. They help people who can’t get care easily. This may be due to cost or lack of insurance. An exam at a non-profit clinic is $20 to $80.

Looking at all the eye exam options in Ontario helps you find the best one. This way, you can take care of your eyes without spending too much. It’s good for your eye health.

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Recommendations for Routine Eye Exams

Keeping your eyes healthy and ensuring you see well is vital. Have a routine eye exam often. In Canada, 75% of vision loss can be stopped, especially if found early during check-ups. Make appointments for eye exams with your optometrist to fit your needs. They will know how often you should have them. Regular eye exams protect your health and well-being.

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Having regular eye check-ups is very important for good eye health and spotting problems early. In Ontario, the price of an eye exam can be from $50 to $250. The cost depends on where you go, if you’re a new or regular patient, how often you go, your insurance, and if there are any issues with your eyes.

Eye exams for children, seniors, and those with specific medical needs are covered by OHIP in Ontario. But, this coverage has some limits. It’s smart to think about getting private health insurance. This can help cover the cost of glasses, contacts, and surgeries like for cataracts.

Getting eye tests regularly and exploring different places to get them can help keep your eyes and your whole self healthy. You can go to an optometrist, a store, a clinic at a university, or a non-profit. There are many places in Ontario to find affordable, high-quality eye care.


1. Are eye exams free in Ontario?

Kids and seniors in Ontario get free eye exams. This is true no matter their health. Others might also get free checks for the eyes if they have certain health problems. These include diabetes, glaucoma, and more.

2. How much is a standard eye exam in Ontario?

Eye exams in Ontario can cost between $50 to $250. The price changes based on the exam type and your eye’s health.

3. How much is an eye exam at Costco Canada without insurance?

At Costco Canada, eye exams cost less without insurance. The price depends on the location and the test needed.

4. How much does an eye exam cost without insurance near me?

The price for an uninsured eye exam can be between $50 to $250. This depends on the clinic and test you need. Contact the clinics in your area for their prices.

5. How much is a basic eye test?

In Ontario, a basic eye test can cost from $50 to $160. The price varies by clinic and the services included.

6. Are all eye tests free?

Not all eye tests are free in Ontario. Those 65 and older without health issues can get some free checks. This includes one main exam and two minor ones every 18 months. Others with health problems get free major exams and minor ones twice a year. Yet, you might have to pay for extra exams on your own.

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