How to Cancel Weight Watchers in Canada?

Are you looking to cancel your Weight Watchers subscription in Canada? Perhaps you’ve achieved your weight loss goals and no longer require the services, or maybe you’re looking to try a different program. Regardless of the reason, knowing how to cancel your Weight Watchers membership in Canada can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to navigating the cancellation process and understanding any potential refunds. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to cancel your Weight Watchers membership in Canada, answer frequently asked questions about contacting Weight Watchers Canada, and provide insights into whether it’s possible to receive a refund. So, if you’re ready to bid farewell to Weight Watchers and explore your options, keep reading to find out how to cancel Weight Watchers Canada.

What is Weight Watchers in Canada?

Weight Watchers in Canada, now known as WW (Wellness that Works), is a well-known and reputable weight loss program that focuses on promoting healthy habits for sustainable weight management. Founded on the principles of balanced nutrition, increased physical activity, and support from a community of like-minded individuals, Weight Watchers provides a comprehensive approach to weight loss and overall wellness. With its SmartPoints system, members are encouraged to make healthier food choices while still enjoying flexibility in their meal planning.

In Canada, Weight Watchers offers various membership options, including in-person meetings, virtual coaching, and online resources to cater to different preferences and lifestyles. The program’s success is attributed to its evidence-based approach, personalized support, and emphasis on creating long-term lifestyle changes rather than quick fixes.

Understanding Your Weight Watchers Membership Terms

When signing up for Weight Watchers in Canada, understanding the nuances of your membership is vital for managing your subscription effectively. This knowledge not only helps you navigate through the membership seamlessly but also empowers you when you choose to modify or end your subscription.

1. Navigating the Membership Agreement

The terms of the Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Membership Agreement, which are particularly tailored for Canadian residents, outline both the offline and online services accessible to members. These services include attending workshops and accessing resources on the website and mobile apps. It’s crucial for users to stay informed about any changes to the terms, as the company reserves the right to modify these at its discretion. Being aware of these terms enables users to comply dutifully while also availing themselves of the services without disruptions.

Moreover, it is important to understand the financial obligations tied to your subscription. Knowing when and how Weight Watchers charges your account for monthly subscriptions can help you manage your payments effectively and ensure you can stop Weight Watchers payments if necessary.

2. Your Rights and Obligations

As a subscriber, you hold certain rights which include accessing a plethora of weight management tools and community support. However, these rights come with obligations such as adhering to the non-commercial use policy, ensuring the security and accurateness of your personal data, and following community guidelines for online conduct. Failure to comply with these obligations can result in the suspension or termination of your subscription, especially if subscription data is found inaccurate or manipulative.

3. Provinces with Specific Cancellation Rights

It’s noteworthy that some provinces in Canada have unique provisions concerning the weight watchers cancellation process. For instance, residents of Manitoba enjoy a 7-day cancellation period post-membership sign-up, allowing them more flexibility compared to other provinces. Quebec also lays out specific cancellation rights within Section 14 of their agreement, providing a clear framework for how residents can end Weight Watchers subscriptions effectively and timely.

These provincial nuances are essential for effectively managing your subscription and ensuring you can exercise your right to cancel under favorable terms.

weight watchers cancellation process

Cancellation Process Overview

Understanding the cancellation process for Weight Watchers in Canada is essential for members who wish to discontinue their service. Whether you’re a subscriber wondering “can I cancel my weight watchers online” or needing details on “how do I contact weight watchers Canada?”, this guide provides clear insights.

Weight Watchers Cancellation Process

Most members can initiate cancellations directly through the online platform, accessible via the Weight Watchers website. This method is designed to offer convenience by allowing members to manage their subscriptions without needing to wait for customer service.

However, for residents of specific provinces like Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba, immediate cancellations might require directly contacting the Weight Watchers customer care team. This step ensures that all regional legal requirements are adhered to, and the cancellation process goes smoothly.

Here are some additional considerations for cancelling your subscription:

  • Members in Manitoba have a 7-day window post-registration to cancel and qualify for a full refund.
  • In Quebec, additional rights may affect the cancellation process (reference Section 14 for more details).
  • Monthly Pass members need to be aware of charging cycles as fees for the current month are generally non-refundable once charged.

If you still wonder “how do I contact weight watchers Canada?”, they offer several platforms including a phone service with an expected wait time of 30 minutes, or a quicker response can be achieved through their email support which typically processes cancellations within 72 hours.

For those considering “can I cancel my weight watchers online?”, remember that online cancellations are processed immediately on the Weight Watchers website, under the ‘Account Settings’ section, providing a straightforward solution for discontinuing your service.

Always ensure that your billing information is correct and up-to-date to avoid any issues with the subscription or cancellation process. Contact customer support immediately if there are discrepancies or technical issues.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cancel Weight Watchers Canada?

If you’re considering cancelling your Weight Watchers membership, you may wonder, “Can I cancel my WW membership anytime?” Yes, you can, and the process to quit Weight Watchers Canada is straightforward. Below, we outline the steps you can take to cancel your subscription effectively, whether online or through customer care, while observing provincial legislation.

1. Online Cancellation Process

To cancel your Weight Watchers subscription online, you just need a few clicks. Here’s how you can proceed:

  1. Log in to your account on the Weight Watchers website.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ section and select ‘Account Settings’.
  3. Find the ‘Subscriptions’ tab, where you’ll see an option to “Cancel my subscription.”.
  4. Follow the prompts to confirm your cancellation.

Remember, online requests are typically processed within 72 hours, but it’s sensible to allow a few days before the renewal date to ensure your cancellation has been fully processed.cancel WW membership process

2. Contacting Customer Care for Assistance

If you prefer speaking to a representative or require immediate confirmation, you can contact the Weight Watchers customer care team:

Dial 1-800-651-6000 and follow the voice prompts to reach a customer service agent who can assist with your request. Have your membership details handy for quicker service.

3. Provincial Legislation Considerations

It’s crucial to know that certain provinces, like Manitoba, have specific laws regarding subscription cancellations. For instance, Manitoba residents can cancel their subscriptions within a 7-day window for a full refund but must provide written notice.

Ensure you are aware of your provincial laws to better understand your rights and the applicable processes.

Alternative Ways to Manage Your Weight Watchers Subscription

In addition to simply choosing to unsubscribe from Weight Watchers, subscribers have multiple options to adjust their involvement with the program to better suit their needs. Whether revising your payment plan or utilizing available resources for support, managing your subscription can be tailored to your individual requirements.

1. Modifying Your Membership Plan

If your current subscription arrangement with Weight Watchers doesn’t fit your lifestyle or budget, modifications can be made. For instance, you can switch from a monthly billing cycle to a more economical 3-month pre-pay plan at any point before your next billing date. This flexibility ensures that Weight Watchers can accommodate a wide range of financial and personal scenarios, catering specifically to customer preferences and financial situations.

2. Seeking Assistance via 24/7 Chat

Should you need assistance, whether about how to modify your plan or how to contact Weight Watchers Canada for more intricate inquiries, the 24/7 chat service provided on their platform offers real-time support. This feature is particularly beneficial for addressing urgent issues that might arise, ensuring that you always have a helping hand when navigating the specifics of your subscription.

3. Understanding Refunds and Charges

Understanding the financial commitments associated with your Weight Watchers subscription is crucial. For instance, should you decide to cancel within the first 10 days of signing up, members outside Quebec might be eligible for a refund of the full subscription amount. Additionally, changes in your subscription such as cancellations or modifications might qualify for prorated refunds depending on the timing and the nature of the change.

Here’s a glance at some key financial aspects and arrangements possible within Weight Watchers subscriptions:

Feature Description Impact on Subscriber
Automatic Renewal Subscriptions automatically renew each month unless explicitly cancelled. Ensures uninterrupted access to services but requires active cancellation for discontinuation.
Fee Adjustment Notice Fees may increase or new fees could be introduced with advance notice. Subscribers have the foresight and can decide to continue or alter their plans.
Payment Plan Changes Opportunity to switch to a 3-month pre-pay plan from a monthly billing cycle. Allows financial flexibility and potential savings on long-term plans.
Refund Eligibility Refunds possible under certain conditions, such as early cancellation. Minimizes financial risk by offering refunds for the unused portions of service.

Managing Weight Watchers Subscription

As detailed above, managing your Weight Watchers subscription extends beyond simply knowing how to unsubscribe. By thoroughly understanding the various mechanisms such as how do I contact Weight Watchers Canada, modifying your payment plans, and comprehending the financial implications of your subscription, you can make informed decisions that align with your health goals and financial situation.


Weight Watchers Canada, with its evidence-based approach towards health and wellness, acknowledges that circumstances change and offers a structured procedure for those seeking to discontinue their journey with the program. The details surrounding how and when you can cancel Weight Watchers and potentially get a refund are delineated within the membership terms, specifically in article 10. It’s pivotal for members to review these conditions thoroughly to understand their rights, especially since the General Subscription Terms encompass both digital and in-person services.

For those considering cancellation, it’s worth noting that assistance is readily available. Whether through the intuitive online portal, direct communication with customer service or the ever-accessible 24/7 chat, members have multiple avenues to manage their subscriptions. This flexibility is a testament to WW’s commitment to its members’ varying needs. However, in the event of service modification, postponement, or closure, it is important to remember that refunds or subscription cancellations may not be offered, a policy members should be cognizant of before proceeding.

The PersonalPoints program embodies a personalized and adaptable methodology, considering individual preferences and promoting a wholesome approach to weight management. Each WW plan, from Digital to Unlimited Workshops + Digital, is designed with the aim to provide sustainable lifestyle changes rather than short-term diets. As Canadians navigate the system, keeping track of changes to the program such as the shift from SmartPoints to PersonalPoints, and earning additional points through wellness activities becomes part of the enriching WW experience. Should members opt to end their Weight Watchers journey, they are advised to leverage the information and resources provided by WW to ensure a smooth transition out of the program.


1. How can I cancel my Weight Watchers online in Canada?

You can terminate your Weight Watchers membership online by logging into your account on the website and following the steps for online cancellation. If you require assistance with the process, you can contact customer service at 1-800-651-6000 or via email at

2. Can I cancel my WW membership at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your Weight Watchers membership at any time; however, the terms of your refund, if applicable, might vary depending on the timing of your cancellation and the specific terms of your membership.

3. How do I contact Weight Watchers Canada?

You can contact Weight Watchers Canada Customer Care by calling 1-800-651-6000. Additionally, they offer a 24/7 chat service for on-the-spot assistance, or you can reach out via email at for cancellation requests.

4. Are there any provinces in Canada with specific cancellation rights for Weight Watchers memberships?

Yes, certain provinces like Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba have specific legislative requirements for subscription cancellations. For instance, Manitoba requires a written notice within a 7-day cancellation window for refunds.

5. Can you cancel Weight Watchers and get a refund?

Yes, under certain conditions you might be eligible for a refund, such as if you cancel within the first 10 days in Quebec or due to a mismatch with demographic or geographic criteria. Refund eligibility may also depend on provincial legislation and the nature of your subscription.

6. What is the process for cancelling a Weight Watchers subscription?

To cancel a Weight Watchers subscription, you can either complete the process online through your account on the website, contact the Customer Care team for personal assistance, or follow any specific procedures required by your province. For Manitoba residents, a written notice is required for cancellations to be eligible for a refund.

7. How can I modify my Weight Watchers membership plan?

You can adjust your Weight Watchers membership plan by logging into your account and choosing an alternative plan that better fits your needs. Alternatively, you can contact customer service for assistance or use the 24/7 chat support for immediate help.

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