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Are you in India and looking to send money to Canada? Whether it’s for personal reasons or to support loved ones living abroad, it’s essential to know the best ways to transfer money securely and conveniently. With advancements in technology, sending money globally has become much more accessible and efficient. In this article, we will explore various methods to send money from India to Canada, including the use of popular digital payment platforms like Google Pay. So, if you’re wondering “how to send money from India to Canada?” or “what is the best way to transfer money from India to Canada?”, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in and discover the most effective ways to send money across continents.

Understanding the Need for Money Transfers From India to Canada

Many Indians have close ties with Canada, sparking a big need for money moves. This often happens when people want to support students studying in Canadian schools. Also, it helps Indians in Canada and their families or friends in India pay for different things.

Business between the two countries also means money needs to flow back and forth. This could be from investments, starting new companies, or making existing ones bigger. Good, cheap ways to transfer money are key in making these business moves smooth.

Studying Abroad in Canadian Universities

More Indian students are picking Canada’s top schools to study. This makes it important for their families in India to send money. They need to cover school fees, living costs, and other needs. Easy ways to send money make sure students can focus on their studies and not worry about money.

Supporting Family and Friends in Canada

Indians in Canada sometimes need financial help from family and friends in India. It helps with personal or sudden needs. Likewise, Indian families might need to send money to loved ones in Canada for everyday costs or emergencies.

Having safe, easy ways to send money makes it possible for these families to help each other. It builds a strong sense of community support between the two countries.

Business Investments and Opportunities

India and Canada share a lot of business chances that need money moves. This includes investing in new businesses, supporting growth, or starting new ventures. Good, affordable money transfer services are important. They help businesses take advantage of these opportunities, which strengthens the economy cooperation between the two countries.

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Reliable Money Transfer Services: Western Union

Sending money from India to Canada? Think about using Western Union. It’s a top pick for many because it’s reliable and well-known. This service helps people and businesses send money across borders easily and safely.

Four Key Steps to Send Money to Canada

Transferring money with Western Union is easy. You first have to sign up and give some personal and banking info. Then, you make sure your money is sent and received safely. This step is important for your peace of mind.

After that, you can keep an eye on your transfer. This helps you know where your money is at all times. Lastly, saving your recipient’s details makes sending money again super simple. It’s a big time-saver for future transfers to Canada.

Secure and Trackable Transactions

Security is a priority at Western Union. They use strong encryption and tools to stop fraud. This means your money transfer india to canada, remittance from india to canada, and international money transfer india canada are safe and can be easily tracked.

Saving Recipient Details for Future Transfers

Saving your recipient’s details with Western Union is really handy. It makes the whole process much easier and faster. You won’t have to keep typing in the same info to send money to Canada again. This convenience is why many people choose Western Union for safe money transfer options india canada.

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How to Send Money From India to Canada?

If you have friends or family in Canada, you might need to send money their way. It could be for supporting them, paying for education, or for business reasons. We will look at the best methods for transferring money, how much you can send, and the time it takes.

Best Way to Transfer Money to Canada

Using trusted services like Western Union and BookMyForex is the best way. They make the process safe and fast. Your money will get to your loved ones or business partners in Canada as planned.

Sending Limits for Education and Other Purposes

Be mindful of how much you can send when it’s for education from India to Canada. The limit is about 13,500 CAD each time. For general matters, like supporting your family, it’s around 6,750 CAD. Knowing this helps you send money without trouble.

Transfer Time From India to Canada

How you send money affects how long it takes to get to Canada. Bank transfers usually take a day to finish. This quick process means you can keep up with your financial commitments and get your money across without delay.

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BookMyForex: An Online Platform for Easy Remittances

BookMyForex is your top pick for moving money from India to Canada. It’s a trusted online service. It meets various needs for making payments across borders.

Wire Transfers vs. Demand Drafts

There are two main ways to send money through BookMyForex: wire transfers and demand drafts. Wire transfers are quicker and safer. They process in real time. This often makes them the better choice for swift, secure transfers.

Step-by-Step Guide for Online Wire Transfers

Setting up a wire transfer online with BookMyForex is simple. You just need to follow a few steps. These include entering your transfer details and choosing a payment method. BookMyForex makes sure every user has a smooth and clear transfer process.

Mobile App for Convenient Transfers

Along with the website, there’s a BookMyForex app for easy money management. This app is just as useful as the site. It lets you send money, check your transfer’s status, and see currency rates whenever you like. All this on your phone or tablet.

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Benefits of Using BookMyForex

BookMyForex is a top choice for sending money from India to Canada. It offers many benefits for those who need to make cross-border payments. This makes it a reliable and easy way to send money.

1. Online Booking Process

Booking money transfers is easy with BookMyForex. You can start and manage your transfers from home or wherever you are. The process is simple, ensuring you have a good experience.

2. Affordable Services and Rates

BookMyForex has low service fees and great exchange rates. These rates are usually better than what banks offer. So, you get more for your money when sending funds from India to Canada.

3. Book Now, Pay Later Option

BookMyForex has a “Book Now, Pay Later” feature. It lets customers secure an exchange rate and send the money later. This is great for dealing with currency changes and planning your transfers well.

Fastest Method of Money Transfer

Transfers with BookMyForex can be done in 12-48 hours. It’s one of the quickest options available. This speed is very helpful for urgent money transfers.

1. 24/7 Booking Options

You can use BookMyForex’s online service anytime, anywhere. It’s open 24/7. This lets you send money at your own convenience, without worrying about the time or place.

2. Transfers to Over 150 Countries

BookMyForex does transfers to more than 150 countries. It’s a great choice for everyone with international financial needs, not just for those sending money to Canada.

3. Student Discounts and Cashback

There are special offers for students, like discounts and cashback, making the service even more affordable. This is especially helpful for Indian students in Canada.

Essential Requirements for Money Transfers to Canada

To make money transfers from India to Canada easy, keep important details ready. You’ll need the beneficiary’s name, account number, and address. Also, know the name and address of the recipient’s bank.

1. Beneficiary Details

To send money to Canada, you’ll need the full details of the person getting the money. This means the beneficiary’s complete name, their account number, and where they live. Getting these details right is key to making sure the money goes to the right place in Canada.

2. SWIFT Code and Transit Number

Along with beneficiary details, you’ll need the SWIFT code and transit number of their bank for international money transfers from India to Canada. The SWIFT code helps identify the bank, and the transit number pinpoints the branch. Together, they help your money move smoothly.

3. Handling Beneficiary Banks Without SWIFT Codes

If the beneficiary’s bank in Canada doesn’t have a SWIFT code, there’s a solution. You can use an intermediary or correspondent bank for cross-border payments from India to Canada. This way, your payment can still go through properly, even without a SWIFT code.

Factors to Consider When Sending Money to Canada

When sending money from India to Canada, choosing a trustworthy service is key. Look for one that shows all costs clearly and has low fees. It’s wise to think about all costs involved, like transfer fees and taxes. This ensures your money gets there efficiently. A platform like BookMyForex can cut these costs.

1. Choosing a Reliable Service Provider

Choosing the right service is crucial when sending money. Pick one with clear fees, low costs, and safe methods like BookMyForex. They’re known for their reliable and cheap services.

2. Transfer Fees and Tax Implications

Besides the exchange rate, don’t forget about transfer fees and taxes. Some providers have higher fees, while others are more budget-friendly. Doing your homework is vital for saving money. And remember, there might be taxes on certain amounts sent.

Regulatory Compliance and Security Measures

Sending money from India to Canada requires following strict rules and strong security steps. Companies that move money must check transactions carefully to stop crimes. They verify who is sending the money and who will get it. Plus, they watch for odd actions that might show illegal moves.

1. Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines

The money moving business in Canada has tough rules against money laundering and supporting terrorism. Companies must get lots of info from customers and report big or odd money moves. They also keep close records of all money sent.

2. Data Protection and Privacy Policies

Keeping your info safe is a big deal for money transfer services in India and Canada. They use heavy-duty locks on their data to keep your personal and financial details safe. Good companies have clear rules on how they handle your info and prevent anyone from using it wrongly. If you pick a money transfer service that’s good with rules and safety, you can be sure your money moves are safe and legal.

Tips for Seamless Money Transfers to Canada

To make your money transfer from India to Canada smooth, follow some key tips. First, make sure the recipient’s details are correct. This includes the account number, SWIFT code, and transit number. Mistakes here could slow down or complicate the transfer.

1. Double-Checking Recipient Details

Getting the recipient’s info right is vital for a smooth transfer. Wrong or missing details might cause delays or extra fees. Take the time to check and confirm all recipient account information. This step helps avoid problems and ensures a successful transfer.

2. Comparing Exchange Rates and Fees

Before sending money from India to Canada, compare rates and fees from different service providers. This ensures you get the best deal and value for your money. Researching and comparing options helps you make a smart financial choice.

3. Keeping Records of Transactions

It’s smart to keep detailed records of your money transfers. This should include the date, amount sent, recipient’s details, and any fees or rates. These records are useful for keeping track, doing taxes, or if you need to check on a transfer later.


This article has talked about sending money from India to Canada. We looked at why people send money. This includes helping family, paying for education, or investing in business. We also showed how to use safe transfer services like Western Union and BookMyForex step by step.

Using BookMyForex has many benefits. It’s easy to book online, offers good rates, and transfers quickly. This ensures a safe and money-wise way to send dollars to loved ones, schools, or companies in Canada. We also talked about important things like security and rules to follow for a smooth transfer.

This guide gives useful info and tips for money transfers to Canada from India. By following our advice, readers can send money with confidence. This helps build better relationships, both personally and professionally, between India and Canada.


1. What is the best way to transfer money from India to Canada?

The top method for sending money from India to Canada is using trusted services like Western Union or BookMyForex. With these, you get a safe, quick, and inexpensive way to send funds internationally.

2. Can we transfer money from India to Canada through Google Pay?

Google Pay doesn’t directly transfer money from India to Canada yet. For a safe option, consider using Western Union or BookMyForex. They provide specialized services for secure transfers.

3. What is the rate for sending money from India to Canada?

Transfer rates from India to Canada varies by provider and method. For the best deal, compare rates and fees from different sources. This way, you can find the most economical choice.

4. How much money can I send from India to Canada without tax?

Tax-free limits for sending money from India to Canada differ by reason. For education abroad, you can send up to 13,500 CAD tax-free. For other reasons, the tax-free limit is 6,750 CAD. Remember, sending more than these amounts may have tax consequences.

5. Can a friend send money from India to Canada?

Absolutely, money can be transferred from India to Canada by friends. It’s done through the same channels used for sending money to relatives living in Canada.

6. Can I send money to my son in Canada from India?

Yes, sending money to your son in Canada from India is straightforward. You can use many money transfer services. It’s a common way for Indians to support their family abroad.

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