How Much is Toronto Parking Ticket Payment?

Did you know that the City of Toronto issues a staggering 2.5 million parking tickets each year? That’s an average of over 6,800 tickets per day! If you’ve ever found yourself on the receiving end of one of these dreaded notices, you’re likely wondering, “How much do I have to pay?” The answer may surprise you.

Paying a Toronto parking ticket is not as straightforward as you might think. Beyond the base violation amount, there are a variety of additional fees and charges that can quickly add up. From online payment processing fees to late payment penalties, the total cost of a Toronto parking ticket can be significantly higher than the initial fine.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of paying for a Toronto parking ticket, including the different payment methods, associated fees, and steps to dispute a violation. Whether you’re a local resident or just visiting the city, this information will help you navigate the complex world of Toronto parking tickets with confidence.

Understanding Toronto Parking Violations

Parking in Toronto can be a complex and sometimes frustrating experience, with a range of fees and charges associated with parking violations. According to the second source, these fees can include a Vehicle Owner/Address Search Fee of $14.87, a Late Payment Fee of $31.01, and a Plate Denial Enforcement Fee of $31.01.

Types of Parking Violations

The Toronto parking authority levies fines for a variety of parking infractions, including parking in a no-parking zone, exceeding the time limit on a meter, or blocking a driveway. These parking violations toronto can quickly add up, and it’s crucial for drivers to understand the regulations to avoid costly tickets.

Consequences of Unpaid Parking Violations

Failing to pay a toronto parking fines can lead to even more serious consequences. The toronto parking authority may impose additional fees, such as non-appearance fees for the Screening Review ($62.01) and Hearing Review ($93.02) processes. Additionally, there is a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee of $40.00 and a Photocopy/Screen Print Fee of $1.21 per page. Drivers who neglect to pay their parking tickets may also face plate denial or other enforcement actions.

Understanding the types of parking violations toronto and the consequences of unpaid tickets is crucial for drivers in the city. Staying informed and being proactive about paying any outstanding toronto parking fines can help prevent further escalation and additional charges from the toronto parking authority.

Payment Options for Toronto Parking Tickets

Paying for a parking ticket in Toronto can be done through various convenient channels. Whether you prefer the digital ease of online payments, the traditional route of mailing a cheque, or the in-person convenience of visiting a civic center, the city offers multiple options to suit your preference.

1. Online Payment Methods

The MyToronto Pay portal allows you to conveniently pay your parking ticket online using Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit/debit cards, as well as through electronic funds transfers from your bank account. This user-friendly platform makes it simple to pay your parking payment at your fingertips, without the need to leave your home or office.

2. Pay by Mail

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, you can pay a Canadian parking ticket by mail. Simply make your cheque payable to the “Treasurer, City of Toronto” and mail it to the Parking Tags Operations address. This method ensures your payment is received and processed by the due date to avoid any additional fees or penalties.

3. In-Person Payment Locations

If you prefer to pay for parking with your phone online or in person, you can visit one of the many Civic Centres or City Hall locations across Toronto. At these convenient payment centres, you can settle your parking ticket using cash, cheque, money order, or debit/credit cards. This option allows you to handle the matter directly with the city authorities.

Regardless of the payment method you choose, it’s important to keep in mind that industry processing fees may apply, particularly for online credit/debit card transactions.

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How Much is Toronto Parking Ticket Payment?

The cost of paying a toronto parking ticket payment can vary depending on the specific infraction and any additional fees or charges that may apply. According to the sources, the base amount for the violation itself can range in price, but there are several supplementary fees that can significantly increase the total cost.

Some of the additional fees mentioned include the Vehicle Owner/Address Search Fee of $14.87, the Late Payment Fee of $31.01, and the Plate Denial Enforcement Fee of $31.01. Furthermore, there are non-appearance fees for the Screening Review ($62.01) and Hearing Review ($93.02) processes, as well as a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee of $40.00.

It’s important to note that industry processing fees for online credit/debit card payments can also be applied, ranging from 1.5% to 2.35% of the total payment amount. These additional charges can significantly increase the overall cost of paying a toronto parking ticket payment.

Fee Type Amount
Vehicle Owner/Address Search Fee $14.87
Late Payment Fee $31.01
Plate Denial Enforcement Fee $31.01
Screening Review Non-Appearance Fee $62.01
Hearing Review Non-Appearance Fee $93.02
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee $40.00
Online Credit/Debit Card Processing Fee 1.5% – 2.35% of total payment

As these additional fees can significantly increase the total cost of paying a toronto parking ticket payment, it’s important for drivers to be aware of and factor them into their budget when addressing any outstanding parking violations.

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Disputing a Parking Violation

Receiving a parking ticket in Toronto doesn’t have to be the end of the road. The city offers a process for disputing parking ticket violations, providing drivers with the opportunity to challenge the ticket and potentially have the charge reduced or dismissed.

Screening Review Process

The first step in disputing a parking ticket is the Screening Review process. This allows the ticket holder to request a review with a Screening Officer, who will examine the details of the violation and determine if the ticket was issued correctly. If the Screening Officer finds that the ticket was valid, the ticket holder has the option to proceed to the next stage – the Hearing Review.

Hearing Review Process

The Hearing Review is conducted by a Hearing Officer, who will take a closer look at the parking ticket dispute. During this process, the ticket holder can present evidence and arguments to support their case for having the parking ticket reduced or dismissed. The Hearing Officer will then make a final decision on the validity of the violation.

Non-Appearance Fees

It’s important to note that if the ticket holder fails to appear for either the Screening Review or Hearing Review, they may be subject to additional non-appearance fees. These fees can add significant costs to the overall parking ticket dispute process, further emphasizing the importance of participating in the review hearings.

Increased Fines for Illegal Parking

In a move to address the ongoing challenges of illegal parking in Toronto, the city has announced a significant increase in fines for this offense. According to the third source, the City of Toronto has implemented a 150% hike in the penalties for illegally parking on both municipal and private property.

Reasons for the Fine Increase

The decision to raise the fines for toronto parking fines comes as the city aims to discourage the persistent issue of drivers disregarding parking regulations. By imposing harsher financial consequences, the Toronto toronto parking authority hopes to deter individuals from engaging in illegal parking practices, ultimately improving traffic flow and enhancing the overall cityscape.

New Fine Amounts

Effective this Friday, the fine for illegally parking in Toronto has increased from the previous $30 to a new amount of $75. This substantial 150% jump in the penalty is the city’s strategy to address the persistent problem and encourage more responsible parking behavior among drivers.

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Avoiding Parking Violations

While the article has focused on the costs and processes associated with Toronto parking tickets, it’s important to note that the best approach is to understand parking signs and regulations and practice responsible parking habits to avoid receiving such violations in the first place.

Understanding Parking Signs and Regulations

Familiarizing oneself with the various parking signs and regulations in Toronto is crucial to steer clear of parking infractions. This includes being aware of time limits, parking restrictions, and signage indicating prohibited or designated areas. By staying informed and attentive to these details, drivers can ensure they are parking legally and avoiding costly penalties.

Responsible Parking Practices

In addition to understanding the parking rules, adopting responsible parking practices can go a long way in preventing parking violations. This involves parking within the designated spaces, respecting time limits, and ensuring all required payments are made. Being mindful of one’s surroundings and making a conscious effort to follow the guidelines can significantly reduce the risk of incurring parking tickets.

Payment Deadlines and Due Dates

When it comes to paying your toronto parking ticket payment, it’s crucial to be mindful of the deadlines and due dates. According to the first source, payments for toronto parking ticket payment must reach the Parking Tags Operations office on or before the due date to avoid any penalty charges.

If you choose to pay by mail through Canada Post, it’s important to allow for delivery time and send your payment several days before the due date. This ensures that your toronto parking ticket payment is received by the city on time, preventing any additional fees or consequences.

Staying on top of the payment deadlines and due dates is essential to avoid any complications or escalating costs associated with your toronto parking ticket payment. By understanding and adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and straightforward resolution to your parking violation.

Resources and Contact Information

For those seeking assistance or information regarding how do i contact the city of toronto about parking tickets?, the City of Toronto provides several valuable resources and contact points. By leveraging these resources, individuals can efficiently navigate the complexities of parking ticket payments and inquiries in Toronto.

City of Toronto Parking Services Website

The City of Toronto’s official Parking Services website ( serves as a comprehensive hub for all matters related to parking tickets, violations, and payments. This online resource offers a wealth of information, including detailed instructions on how do i contact the city of toronto about parking tickets?, payment options, and the process for disputing or appealing a ticket.

Parking Violation Inquiry Line

For more direct assistance, the City of Toronto maintains a dedicated Parking Violation Inquiry Line at 416-397-7867. This toll-free number allows individuals to speak directly with a representative who can provide guidance on how do i contact the city of toronto about parking tickets?, answer questions about their specific case, and offer support throughout the resolution process.

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In conclusion, the payment process for toronto parking ticket payment involves several options, including online, by mail, and in person. However, the total cost can be significantly higher than the base violation amount due to various additional fees and charges, such as the Vehicle Owner/Address Search Fee, Late Payment Fee, and Plate Denial Enforcement Fee.

Understanding the payment options and being aware of the potential additional costs is crucial when dealing with toronto parking ticket payment. Drivers should familiarize themselves with the City of Toronto’s parking regulations, ensure they pay their tickets on time, and explore the available dispute processes if they believe a violation was issued in error.

By staying informed and proactive, motorists in Toronto can navigate the parking ticket system with greater ease and avoid the financial burden of unexpected fees and penalties. Maintaining responsible parking practices and being mindful of the toronto parking ticket payment requirements can ultimately help drivers avoid the hassle and costs associated with parking violations in the first place.


1. How do I find out if I have unpaid parking tickets in Toronto?

You can contact the City of Toronto Parking Services to inquire about any outstanding parking tickets or fines.

2. How do I pay my parking fee in Toronto?

You can pay your parking fees in Toronto through various methods, including online, by mail, or in person at Civic Centres and City Hall locations.

3. Do I have to pay a parking ticket in Toronto?

Yes, you are required to pay any parking tickets you receive in Toronto to avoid further penalties and fees.

4. How do I contact the City of Toronto about parking tickets?

You can contact the City of Toronto Parking Services by phone, email, or through their website to inquire about or dispute parking tickets.

5. What is the best excuse to appeal a parking ticket in Toronto?

The best approach is to review the details of the ticket and the circumstances surrounding it to determine if there are valid grounds for an appeal, such as a malfunctioning parking meter or unclear signage.

6. How do I pay a parking ticket online in Toronto?

You can pay your Toronto parking ticket online through the MyToronto Pay portal or the Parking Violation Services website, which accept credit/debit card and bank account payments.

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