How to Register a Business in Manitoba? – A Complete Guide!

If you’ve ever dreamt of starting your own business in Manitoba, Canada, you’re not alone. The province provides a thriving environment for entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality. But before you can dive into the exciting world of running your own business, it’s essential to understand the process of registering your venture in Manitoba. From determining the cost to obtaining a business license and getting a business number, this complete guide will walk you through every step, ensuring you have all the information you need to launch your business in Manitoba successfully. So, let’s dive in and discover how to register a buisness in Manitoba and set yourself up for success!

Understanding the Basics of Business Registration in Manitoba

Understanding the Basics of Business Registration in Manitoba
Starting a business in Manitoba requires an understanding of various legal requirements and procedures. First, it’s essential to recognize that business registration is one of the nine steps to starting a business in Manitoba, ensuring compliance with local laws and operating standards.

1. Do I Need to Register a Small Business in Canada?

The question often arises: Do I need to register a small business in Canada? While sole proprietors in Manitoba might not need to register their business name if using their personal name, most other business structures and trade names require official registration. This process not only makes your business legally recognized but also provides certain protections and benefits.

2. Manitoba Business Registration Requirements

When diving into the Manitoba business registration requirements, different business structures have unique obligations. For instance, a sole proprietorship must pay a $60 registration fee and renew it every three years. Corporations, on the other hand, incur a one-time setup fee of $350 and an annual government fee of $65. Additionally, all businesses must comply with statutory obligations such as filing annual returns and tax documentation.

A successfully registered entity will receive a 9-digit Business Number (BN) from the Manitoba Companies Office. It’s crucial to understand that businesses with taxable sales over $10,000 must register for the Retail Sales Tax (RST).

3. When to Register Your Business Name?

To maintain a smooth registration process, knowing when to register your business name is vital. Generally, the business name registration in Manitoba takes about 4 days and costs $60. This registration protects the name for five years, allowing businesses to operate without concerns of name duplication. Reserving a business name with the Government of Manitoba costs $45 and can expedite the formation process by significantly reducing delays.

For those looking into partnerships, a one-time name reservation fee of $45 is required, and it’s essential to renew the business name registration for a nominal fee to keep it valid and legally protected.

How to Register a Business in Manitoba?

For entrepreneurs pondering how to register a business in Manitoba, the process entails a few meticulous steps to ensure the procedure is seamless. Let’s dive into the key stages: choosing a business name, registering the name, and incorporating the business.

1. Choosing and Reserving a Business Name

One of the crucial elements in registering a business name in Manitoba is to select a unique and available name. The Manitoba Name Reservation is a mandatory search, costing $45.00. This ensures the business name isn’t already in use and complies with provincial regulations.

registering a business name in Manitoba

After the name reservation, business owners can opt for one of two account types to access the Companies Online System: Regular Account or Deposit Account. Before proceeding, ensure that an appropriate browser like Internet Explorer 11 is used, as other browsers may pose compatibility issues.

2. Registering the Business Name

Once the name reservation is confirmed, the next step is to register the business name. The government filing fee for this process is $60.00. Regular Account holders can pay this fee online using Visa or Mastercard, whereas Deposit Account holders, typically high-volume firms, can deposit funds via Visa, Mastercard, or mailed cheques.

The registration term for a business name in Manitoba lasts for three years. Additionally, a host of services, including searching the registry and obtaining status certificates, are available online for registered entities.

3. Registering an Incorporated Business

For those considering business incorporation in Manitoba, the process is slightly more intricate. The incorporation involves submitting several documents and forms through the Companies Online System. Priority processing can expedite this process to 3-5 business days, compared to the 15 business days under regular expedited processing. The fee for incorporating a limited liability partnership or a limited partnership is $350.00.

Companies engaging in incorporation must designate an Account Administrator within their online account setup. This administrator oversees various tasks such as filing documents, updating entity details, and ensuring compliance with any changes or updates.

The table below provides a summary of relevant fees associated with registering a business name in Manitoba and business incorporation:

Process/Service Fee
Request for Name Reservation $45.00
Business Name Registration $60.00
Registration of a Limited Partnership $350.00
Registration of a Limited Liability Partnership $350.00
Power of Attorney $40.00
Business Name Renewal $60.00
Change of Business Name $60.00
Change of Registrants $60.00
Change in a Limited Partnership $60.00
Dissolution of a Business Name $60.00

Understanding these steps and requirements for how to register a business in Manitoba can make the process more manageable and ensure compliance with provincial regulations.

How Much Does It Cost to Register a Business in Manitoba?

Understanding how much does it cost to register a business in Manitoba is crucial for both new and existing entrepreneurs. Costs vary based on the legal structure you choose for your business. This section will provide a comprehensive breakdown of fees associated with business registration in Manitoba and help you plan your budget accordingly.

how much does it cost to register a business in Manitoba?

  • Name Reservation: Regardless of your business structure, reserving a business name costs $45. It’s crucial to choose a name judiciously, as any rejection or expiry of the reservation results in an additional $45 fee.
Type Fee
Unincorporated Business $60 (plus $45 for name reservation)
Provincial Incorporation (Share Capital) $350 (plus $45 for name reservation)
Provincial Incorporation (No Share Capital) $120 (plus $45 for name reservation)
Federal Incorporation (Online Submission) $200 (plus $45 for name reservation and NUANS report fees)
Federal Incorporation (Paper Submission) $250 (plus $45 for name reservation and NUANS report fees)

Additional costs related to how much does it cost to register a business in Manitoba can include the Retail Sales Tax (RST) at a rate of 7% and the Federal GST at 5%. Furthermore, the Government of Manitoba provides various programs and incentives, like the Digital Manitoba Initiative, to support businesses in incorporating digital solutions.

Keep in mind that filing taxes may require the assistance of a business accountant, especially if you decide to incorporate. The complexity of tax filing can vary depending on your business structure, whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. Moreover, every business in Manitoba needs a permanent business address for tax purposes and other legal documentation.

Overall, this guide provides key insights to help you understand how much does it cost to register a business in Manitoba. Using these details, you can make informed decisions and allocate your resources efficiently to ensure a smooth registration process for your business.

How to Set Up a Business Name in Manitoba?

Setting up a business name in Manitoba requires careful planning and adherence to the province’s regulations. Whether you’re launching a startup or rebranding, the initial steps are crucial in ensuring the uniqueness and compliance of your business name.

how to set up a business name in Manitoba?

1. Validating Your Business Name

Before you can officially use a business name, it’s important to validate that it is unique and not already in use by another entity. This process involves checking provincial registries and ensuring compliance with Manitoba’s naming conventions. For example, sole proprietors using their own names (e.g., Jane Doe) may not need to register their business name, but using a modified version or a different name does require registration. Trademark registration is another option offering exclusive rights across Canada for 15 years, with indefinite renewals.

2. Submitting a Name Reservation Request

Once the business name has been validated, the next step is to submit a name reservation request to the Manitoba Companies Office. The following table outlines the costs associated with this process:

Service Fee
Request for Name Reservation $45.00
Registration of a Business Name and Filing Request $60.00
Power of Attorney (if required) $40.00

It’s crucial to note that the declaration of the business name should be registered within one month of commencing business or forming a partnership. Additionally, changes to the business name must be registered within 30 days. Business name registrations under this act expire after three years but can be renewed before the expiry date.

How to Get a Business Number in Manitoba?

Securing a Business Number (BN) is a vital step for all businesses in Manitoba. The BN is a 9-digit identifier that simplifies interactions between businesses and multiple levels of government. This essential step is facilitated by the Manitoba Companies Office, among other government agencies. Whether you are registering your business name or opening GST accounts with the CRA, a BN is required.

The BN consists of a 9-digit root (BN9), followed by a 2-letter Program Area identifier and a 4-digit sequence number. Businesses are often assigned a BN when registering their business name, opening GST or RST accounts, or engaging with other government programs. Agencies such as the Financial Institution Regulation Branch, Taxation Division, Workers Compensation Board, and Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit also use and issue BNs.

Obtaining a Business Number in Manitoba involves several structured steps and requirements:

  1. Register your business with the Manitoba Companies Office.
  2. Provide necessary information, including business structure, which impacts the assignment of a BN9.
  3. Submit required forms either online or via specific government agencies involved in the registration process.

Sole Proprietors and Corporations generally receive one BN9 for all their operations. While obtaining a Business Number is free, be aware that some related government programs or services may have associated fees. For example, the Manitoba Finance – Taxation Division mandates businesses exceeding $10,000 in revenue within 12 months to open a Retail Sales Tax (RST) account.

For assistance with BN registration, businesses can contact relevant government agencies, such as the Manitoba Finance – Taxation Division at 204-945-5603 or 1-800-782-0318, or apply online for an RST account. The CRA’s Liaison Officer Service is also available, offering free, personalized tax help for small business owners and self-employed individuals.

Given Manitoba’s exclusion from the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) system, businesses considering GST registration can voluntarily open an account to claim input tax credits. For further guidance on tax matters, consult the Government of Canada’s resources or liaise with your accountant.

Understanding how to get a business number in Manitoba is crucial to ensuring compliance and streamlining your business operations with various governmental interactions.

Legal Steps for Business Registration in Manitoba

When registering a business in Manitoba, it’s essential to follow specific legal steps to ensure compliance and successful operation. This section outlines the key legal considerations, including environmental approvals, taxation requirements, and Workers Compensation Board registration.

1. Environmental Approvals

Certain types of businesses in Manitoba must obtain environmental approvals before commencing operations. This is particularly relevant for industries that could impact the environment, such as manufacturing or waste management. Business owners should contact Manitoba Sustainable Development to determine if their business requires these approvals.

2. Taxation Requirements

Complying with provincial taxation requirements is crucial for legal business operations. Business owners must register for various taxes with the Manitoba government, such as PST (Provincial Sales Tax). Additionally, businesses should obtain a Business Number (BN) from the Canada Revenue Agency for filing federal taxes.

3. Workers Compensation Board Registration

Registering with the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba is a legal requirement for most employers. This ensures that employees are covered in case of work-related injuries or illnesses. The process for Workers Compensation Board registration involves submitting detailed business information and paying an associated fee.

Type of Fee Amount Notes
Request for Name Reservation $45.00 Required for business name registration
Business Registration Fee $60.00 Government filing fee
Power of Attorney Fee $40.00 For appointing a legal representative

Following these legal steps for business registration in Manitoba ensures your business complies with provincial regulations and operates smoothly. Addressing environmental approvals, understanding taxation requirements, and completing Workers Compensation Board registration are crucial components of the registration process.

4. Conclusion

Embarking on the business registration process in Manitoba offers a multitude of opportunities within a diverse economy. Whether you choose sole proprietorship, partnership, or incorporation, understanding Manitoba business registration requirements is crucial for a smooth start. This comprehensive guide has outlined key aspects, from reserving a business name to securing necessary legal approvals, ensuring a solid foundation for your venture.

The costs associated with business registration, such as the $250 registration fee and additional name search or incorporation fees, are part of the investment into a compliant and thriving enterprise. It’s important to remember that legal compliance not only safeguards against penalties but also underscores the legitimacy of your business. Regular consultations with legal experts, like those at Falcon Law PC, are invaluable for staying updated on compliance requirements and navigating the complexities of the registration process efficiently.

Overall, adhering to provincial regulations and understanding the tax landscape, including the 15% Corporate Income Tax, 10% for small businesses, 5% GST, and 7% PST, play a critical role in the longevity and success of your business. Proper completion of the business registration process in Manitoba sets the stage for growth and sustainability in a province characterized by robust sectors and a promising economic environment. With these insights, you can confidently pursue business opportunities in Manitoba and position your venture for success.


1. How much does it cost to register a business in Manitoba?

The cost to register a business in Manitoba varies depending on the type of registration. Reserving a business name typically costs around $45, while registering a business name costs approximately $60. Incorporation fees start at around $350. Additional fees may apply based on the specific requirements of the business.

2. How do I set up a business name in Manitoba?

To set up a business name in Manitoba, you need to validate your desired business name to ensure it’s unique. This can be done through a name search with the Manitoba Companies Office. Once validated, submit a Name Reservation Request to secure the name for your venture.

3. How do I get a business number in Manitoba?

To obtain a Business Number (BN) in Manitoba, you need to apply through the Manitoba Companies Office. You will need to provide specific information about your business during the application process, including the business structure, name, and contact details.

4. Do I need to register a small business in Canada?

Yes, if you are starting a small business in Canada, it is generally required to register the business with the relevant provincial or federal authorities. This ensures your business is legally recognized and compliant with local regulations.

5. What are the Manitoba business registration requirements?

The requirements for registering a business in Manitoba include selecting and validating a unique business name, reserving the name, and completing the registration process with the Manitoba Companies Office. Additional requirements may apply for specific business types, including environmental approvals and registration with the Workers Compensation Board.

6. When should I register my business name?

You should register your business name before commencing any business activities. Typically, it is advisable to register the name as soon as possible once you have confirmed its availability to ensure it is secured for your business venture.

7. How do I register an incorporated business in Manitoba?

To register an incorporated business in Manitoba, you need to file the appropriate incorporation documents, which include the Articles of Incorporation, with the Manitoba Companies Office. This requires reserving your business name and paying the necessary incorporation fees.

8. What legal steps are necessary for business registration in Manitoba?

Legal steps for business registration in Manitoba include acquiring any necessary environmental approvals, complying with provincial tax requirements, and registering with the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba if you have employees. These steps ensure your business operates legally and safely within the province.

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